दिन (Day) and रात (Night)

Two related words that are opposite in meaning are chosen to portray the seemingly contrary phenomena which are actually interconnected and depicted as to how they give rise to each other. Latin as well as Devnagri scripts are used to illustrate this.
Concept: The task is of doing something with figure and ground. The first thing that came to my mind was binary opposites. The most perceivable one ‘Day and Night’ was chosen for this. Dealing in a single script may lack variety, hence I combined 2 different scripts: Devnagri and Latin.
Initial Sketches: When I first wrote ‘रात’, I could immediately distinguish the ‘i’ in ा (अ कीमात्रा) and ‘n’ in त (ta). Upon further exploring, I was able to fit ‘D’ at the open counter of ‘र’ as well. There was an issue with balancing ’n’ and ‘त.’ The downward open counter of ‘त’ was smaller than the counter of ’n.’ This was addressed by tapering the art work, so that both the letterforms are properly justified.
Digitizing: As soon as there was the desired result, the manual sketch was scanned and vectorized using Affinity Designer.

Final Output: A suggestive background representing yellow for day and deep blue/black for night is used before wrapping it up.