Taking the migrant workers for a ride!

Migration is simply the movement of people from one place to another. According to the World Economic Forum, India has a staggering 139 million* migrant workers. The present situation of the pandemic times demands a special attention to them. They mainly travel for work to make ends meet as an everyday goal. Shutting down of the country in these pandemic times has left the migrant workers helpless. With nothing and no-one to work for and in an already broken state, they looked into the direction of home! With no means to transport themselves.. all they could think was to just walk it.. the best of what they knew: working hard, being stubborn and reaching a set goal.

Thats how the Migrants Moved.. on their two legs covering distances ranging from a few hundreds to as far as a few thousands for some.

However I as a citizen and a designer am calling out the Government of India to view the migrants as a dynamic force of the country will help solve the country’s problem of urbanization and also will help the migrants themselves on many fronts. In this deeply disturbing times… it is a shame to see them struggle for life and to see them struggle to get back to what they call as their home!

In order to spread awareness around this issue, the following poster has been created.

Digging deeper into the thoughts behind the designer:

    Corrugated cardboard
    Handwritten style font
    Red blood stains

While the red blood stains at the feet represent their physical struggle to get back home; the handwritten style and corrugated board is a placard .. which represent their mental stroll and emotional longing to go back home and their hearts calling out for it.

May the Migrant move back to what they call home!

*source : https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2017/10/india-has-139-million-internal-migrants-we-must-not-forget-them/


Chego said…
Artist always influences society..In this crucial time highlighting today's migrants issue through ur art is very much appreciatable.definetly artist like u sensitize govt on this issue.