1st runner up for India-Thailand Diplomatic Relationship logo Design competition

75 years of India and Thailand Diplomatic Relations

Proposed Logo

Creating a logo for this one was quite challenging at the same time exciting.

The logo contains 2 main elements which are the national symbols of the respected countries. 
The national bird of India which is a peacock and the national animal of Thailand which is the Elephant. Seven and Five forming the number 75 are used to subtly portray the essence and the mutual bond between the two nations. Seven is formed by the peacock and the Elephant takes the shape of figure Five. 
The amalgamation of these two illustrations symbolises the 75 years of friendship between the two countries.
The colours used are inspired from the National flags of the countries. 

Overall this logo is created to figuratively, symbolically and visually embed a sense of the multidimensional relationship between India and Thailand.

logo in greyscale

Receiving Award from Consulate General Nitirooge Phoneprasert of Royal Thai Consulate, Chennai for designing India-Thai Relationship Logo at ITC-Kohenur, Hyderabad. Dt 11.04.2022